Lifestyle interventions/shared medical visits

Lifestyle interventions/shared medical visits

The lifestyle intervention consists of 4 weekly 2-hour shared medical visits that are covered by health insurance.  Vital signs are obtained at each visit and specific clinical health indicators are obtained depending on the patient’s diagnosis.  Patients meet in groups to discuss their health problems and challenges with adopting healthy lifestyles.


The 2-hour lifestyle intervention sessions features the following format.

30-minute: Patients arrive and have vital signs checked and recorded. Fruits, vegetables, and

prepared recipes from the meal plans are available for tasting during this period.

40-minute: Patients “check-in” with the group and discuss their progress and challenges with

making healthy lifestyle changes with the physician and the treatment team.

40 minutes: Screening/Presentation/health education

10 minutes: Patients will “check out” with impressions/commitments for the following week.

During the 4-week lifestyle intervention, there may be 2 supplemental sessions: A

shopping session with supermarket/farmer’s market/urban farm tour; and a

restaurant/eating out session where patients will discuss making healthy choices.


The meal plans and recipes used during the Lifestyle Intervention are intended to introduce patients to a new plant-based dietary pattern.  Before or after the intervention, they are referred to a nutritionist who will develop a personalized mostly plant-based lifelong eating plan for each patient.


After their initial individual consultation and the 4-week lifestyle intervention, patients are followed on a monthly basis until they have reached their health goals.  Patients will follow-up in shared group visit sessions or individually depending on their preference.  At the monthly follow-up sessions, patients are introduced to evidence-based CAM modalities such as acupuncture, massage, tai chi, and yoga.  Patients may choose to follow-up with independent CAM providers for their services as needed.


During the first year the clinic will be general clinic.  Starting in the second when there are sufficient patients the lifestyle interventions will focus on specific groups such as patients with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic pain syndromes.


The Optimal Health Integrative Medicine/Lifestyle Medicine Treatment Team

-Medical director – preventive medicine trained physician with expertise in plant-based nutrition and the integrated approach to medicine.

-A nutritionist with training and expertise in plant-based nutrition who will conduct nutrition assessments a give patients individualized nutrition prescription.

-Clinical psychologists who will conduct mental health assessments, refer patients to mental health professionals as necessary, and teach meditation sessions.

-A sleep specialist who will conduct sleep assessments, refer patients for treatment of sleep disorders as necessary, and teach patients about sleep hygiene.

-An exercise physiologist who will conduct fitness assessments and give exercise prescriptions.

-Family physician with expertise in integrative medicine modalities such as acupuncture.

-Smoking cessation counselor

-CAM providers: a yoga instructor, a massage therapist and a tai chi instructor



  • 4-week shared medical visits – 2-hour sessions. [Condensed from 6 weeks]
  • Plant-based nutrition prescriptions/and practical how to make changes guidance
  • Mental health assessments – Referral as necessary and introduction to meditation
  • Sleep assessments – Referral as necessary and introduction to sleep hygiene
  • Physical fitness assessments – Introduction to lifelong physical activity


Week 1: Introduction to Plant Based Diet

  • Dr. Jennifer Rooke and Nutritionist Dr. Kayellen Umeakunne
  • Vital signs and waist circumference
  • Patients discuss current health problems and barriers to healthy lifestyle with physician
  • Presentation: Introduction to plant based diet
  • Patients will sign up for:
    • 1) Supermarket/farmer’s market urban farm tour – Week 1 or 2
    • 2)  Eating out Restaurant session – Week 3


Week 2: Stress Management Techniques/Mental Health Assessments

  • Psychologists – Dr. Kisha Holden, and Meditation instructor – Dr. Kofi Kondwani
  • Vital signs and waist circumference
  • Patients discuss health problems and experiences with plant-based diet prescription
  • Mental Health/Stress level Assessments –Psychologist
  • Presentation: Introduction to meditation


Week 3: Sleep Hygiene

  • Sleep Specialist Dr. Kyra Clarke
  • Vital signs and waist circumference
  • Patients discuss health problems and experiences with plant-based diet prescription
  • Sleepiness Assessment – Epworth Sleep Scale or other screening tool
  • Presentation – Sleep Hygiene


Week 4: Fitness Assessments and Exercise Prescriptions

  • Exercise physiologist – Dr. Jammie Hopkins
  • Vital signs and waist circumference
  • Patients discuss health problems and experiences with plant-based diet prescription
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Physical activity prescriptions