Individual consultations and follow-up visits

Individual consultations and follow-up visits

The individual patient consultations and follow-up visits are similar to traditional patient-provider visits with vital signs, medical history and physical exams. However, these clinical visits are more patient-centered and focus on assisting patients to make the connection between their lifestyle behaviors and their health problems. In accordance with the recommendations of the USDA Scientific Advisory Committee patients are advised to adopt a plant-based diet. They are given meal plans and recipes to show them how to obtain most of their daily nutrient requirements from whole, mostly plant foods. Patients are referred for lifestyle interventions that will support and guide them to healthier lifestyles. The initial consultation and follow-up visits is conducted by a preventive medicine specialist with expertise in lifestyle medicine.


These visits are covered by health insurance.

Starting 1 day/week and increasing as demand increases

-1 hour initial visits and 30-minute follow-up visits patient/ or patient and significant others

-Establish innovative payment model for clinical preventive medicine treatment services –

-Similar to other physician visits but patients discuss lifestyle get “lifestyle” prescriptions.


What to expect if you come in for an individual consultation:

We guarantee a patient centered estimated one-hour experience treating your experience with optimal attention needed to improve your health. This will include:

  • User-friendly interface allows patients to complete initial paperwork online and bring it in for your visit.
  • Our expert medical assistant will get your vital signs and measurements such as your body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference.
  • You will meet with a Specialist in Preventive Medicine who will review your medical history, perform a physical examination, and discuss lifestyle and other treatment options for any identified health problems.
  • You will get a prescription for plant-based nutrition, simple stress management techniques, sleep hygiene and physical activity.
  • You will be invited to follow-up in shared medical visits, with the option of an individual visits if you prefer.
  • Your visit will be covered by health insurance.