What to expect if you come in for an individual consultation:

We guarantee a patient centered estimated one-hour experience treating your experience with optimal attention needed to improve your health. This will include:

  • User-friendly interface allows patients to complete initial paperwork online and bring it in for your visit.
  • Our expert medical assistant will get your vital signs and measurements such as your body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference.Picture13
  • You will meet with a Specialist in Preventive Medicine who will review your medical history, perform a physical examination, and discuss lifestyle and other treatment options for any identified health problems.
  • You will get a prescription for plant-based nutrition, simple stress management techniques, sleep hygiene and physical activity.
  • You will be invited to follow-up in shared medical visits, with the option of an individual visits if you prefer.
  • Your visit will be covered by health insurance.

What to expect for you follow-up Lifestyle interventions/shared medical visits:

Picture14The lifestyle intervention consists of 4 weekly 2-hour shared medical visits that are covered by health insurance. These visits will include:

  • Vital signs are obtained at each visit and specific clinical health indicators will be obtained depending on the patient’s diagnosis.
  • Patients will meet in groups to discuss their health problems and challenges with adopting healthy lifestyles.

The 2-hour lifestyle intervention sessions will have the following format:

First 30 minutes:

  • Your vital signs will be checked and recorded.
  • Samples of food from the recipes on your meal plans for the week will be provided.
  • You will complete a brief follow-up visit questionnaire about your current health status.

40 minutes:

  • You and other group members will “check-in.”
    You will discuss your responses to the follow-up visit questionnaire.
  • Only share information that you feel comfortable about sharing with the physician and your treatment team.

40 minutes:

  • There will be a presentation or mental health screening or fitness assessment.

10 minutes:

  • You will “check out.”
  • You will give your critique/evaluation of the session and your commitments for the following week.

During the 4-week lifestyle intervention, there may be 2 supplemental sessions:

  • Guided shopping session with supermarket/farmer’s market/urban farm tour.
  • Restaurant/eating out session where you will discuss making healthy choices when eating out.

The meal plans and recipes used during the Lifestyle Intervention are intended to introduce you to a plant-based diet.  You will be expected to follow this eating pattern for a minimum of 4 weeks.  At the end of the 4 weeks or at any time you choose, you can be referred to a nutritionist who can develop a personalized eating plan for you.

After the initial individual consultation and the 4-week lifestyle intervention, you will follow-up on a monthly basis until you have reached your health goals.  At the monthly follow-up sessions, you will be introduced to evidence-based complementary and alternative modalities such as acupuncture, massage, tai chi, and yoga